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How It Works

& why people choose us!

Many homeowners ask us, "So, what's the dry time?" Our answer, "there isn't one". Our cleaning method differs from any others you've seen. It outperforms and outlasts the traditional steam cleaning and "chem-dry" methods, plus when our technicians leave, your carpets are dry and ready to walk on. No hassle trying to keep your kids and pets walking on wet carpets. We follow these simple steps to deep clean your carpets and keep your carpets dry so whatever you were doing, you can keep doing. 


Step 1: Use powerful HOST patented vacuum to vacuum the floors absorbing all dry dust and dirt, and cheerios, and pet hair, and everything.

Step 2: Apply special moisturized extraction solution onto the floor (shown in picture)

Step 3: Powerbrush and infuse extraction solution to attract and pick up the dirt stuck deep in the carpet fibers.

Step 4: Vacuum up the dirty extraction solution

Step 5: Walk on and enjoy your DRY, fresh, and clean carpets! 


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