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Host® Dry Carpet Cleaning

The Host Dry process is a well-known, environmentally friendly method for cleaning carpets without the use of large amounts of water and chemicals. It has been a popular choice for those who prefer a dry cleaning method, and it has also been certified by Green Seal as a safe option in the carpet cleaning industry. Similar to the encapsulation method, the Host Dry process is a reliable choice for maintaining clean carpets.

What is it?

Host® Dry Carpet Cleaning is an environmentally friendly option widely used by commercial and residential customers who prefer dry, natural cleaning methods.

It uses counter-rotating brushes and plant-based sponges to lift and absorb dirt, stains, and residue from carpet fibers. This prevents over-wetting, excessive dry times, and "wicking" issues standard steam cleaning methods commonly encounter. 

Host® is effective at removing a wide range of stains, including wine, coffee, and urine, and can also restore the appearance of heavily used areas.

It has been certified by Green Seal as non-toxic, safe for ingestion, low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and safe for babies and pets

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We serve these cities and surrounding areas in Utah County:

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